Kearth’s Korner

I looked up at the sky last night. Wow. I couldn’t believe it. It was so clear, yet so dark, yet so bright with stars. I couldn’t believe it was all of those things at once, but it was. I was there. I can prove it. Well, I can’t actually prove it. How could I? I was just me and the stars, and the stars don’t usually talk…much. But I was there. And I saw the stars. I saw them like I was seeing them for the first time. Except that I...

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Money, Money, Money

Posted By on Oct 20, 2019

Don’t you like the way that sounds? “Money, Money, Money” And you have to capitalize the words because it makes them sound more important. “Money, Money, Money” is way better than “money, money, money”—am I right? Why is it so important that the words sound so important? Well, it isn’t. Important, I mean. I just wanted to get your reaction. And you reacted just the way I thought you would although I couldn’t see you and can’t see you...

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Clouds and Other Nonsense

Posted By on Jun 17, 2019

Weather or not you know it… Let me just stop right there. You did realize that I spelled it “weather” and not “whether” right? Just checking. Where was I? Oh, okay, now I remember. I was talking about the weather because the other day I was looking at clouds and I realized that they should have names. Now you might be thinking that clouds don’t deserve names because they don’t do anything, really, and about the time you pick out a...

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Drying On

Posted By on Feb 10, 2019

I remember that one time last year I took a bath and how clean I got. I remember thinking that I wouldn’t need another bath for a long time. I remember townsfolk chasing me around a month later with buckets of water and brushes because they said I was causing their flowers to wilt. They couldn’t prove it, but that’s what they said. All of them. They must have something against me. The thing about baths is that they take up so much...

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Lunch With Friends

Posted By on Sep 15, 2018

Last week I went to lunch at an eatery in town with my good friends Rol and Fhfyrd. The place is simple, not overly decorated or crowded, and the food is always tasty there—as long as you stay away from the “glazed eel surprise” on Tuesdays. We sat down and ordered food, but Rol’s attention was obviously not on our table. He kept looking at an elderly elder a few tables away who had arrived just after we did. Finally, without a word...

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Is it Weird to Want a Beard?

Posted By on Jul 25, 2018

I’ve decided that I’m going to grow a beard. Some day. I’m young enough that I don’t think I could grow one now if I tried. It’s not that I’m not trying, because I’m not doing anything about a beard one way or the other at this point, but I decided today that a beard would suit me. At least I think so. I’ve never had one. It’s hard to tell what it would be like…or look like…or feel like. I’d probably look older. Possibly...

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