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Middle School and Freshman Teachers: 
The book Be: The Journey of Rol was written to be enjoyed by pre-teens and teens. To enrich the experience in the classroom, a FREE companion guide was created, providing a lesson plan to enhance teacher-student discussions and gauge comprehension of the reading material. Included in the guide are age-appropriate Vocabulary words from each chapter, meaningful Comprehension and Discussion questions and answers, and fun and educational Activities for inside and outside the classroom setting.

The Companion Guide is also available for you as a FREE download to use when reading the book alongside your son(s) and/or daughter(s). Your family will enjoy the reading experience and sharing the story as you progress, and you will find that the Discussion questions and Activities allow for a greater appreciation of the story, characters, and valuable life lessons. Enjoy!

The Companion Guide is available in two lengths: A Full Version, which provides a walk-through of the book, chapter by chapter; and an Abbreviated Version, which combines content into three sections, in a shorter form. Feel free to download either guide, or both, and determine the pace of the book reading based on available time or the level/abilities of your students.

The guide is meant to be utilized by adults as a way to facilitate discussions, not as a workbook to give to students. Both versions of the guides are PDFs that can be printed on letter-sized paper. Printing in color is preferred, but black ink only also works well.


A Review of the Companion Guide:

“I very much enjoyed reading your study guides. They offer a balance of reading, writing, thinking, speaking, and artistic activities that cover a range of learning styles which is so important.” —Advanced Language Arts teacher, grades 4-6


About the Companion Guide Authors:

Marybeth Slocumb is a homeschool instructor/parent in Northern Virginia, where she lives with her family. She has served on the National Catholic Committee for American Heritage Girls, as both Regional Representative and Committee Chair. For many years she has been closely involved with Youth Group events, including peer group discussion sessions on ethics and logic. She was previously a Boy Scouts of America committee member for a Virginia-based troop, and served on the leadership board for her homeschool support group in Minnesota. Marybeth actively serves her community in the Civil Air Patrol.

Ric Colegrove is the author of the pre-teen/teen The Journey of Rol series. His full bio is available on the Author page of this website. The partnership with Marybeth on the companion guide became obvious after she read the book and exclaimed “The guide just opened up before my eyes.” Ric was soon impressed with Marybeth’s insight and her ability to draw out aspects of the tale that are “the story behind the story,” creating discussion points and activities that make the sharing of the book—whether between student and teacher, or parent and child—an interactive, engaging, and valuable experience.