The Journey of Rol

A Fantastical Story of Adventure and Hope

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The Journey of Rol is a series of books for pre-teens and teens—tales of adventure and hope.

In the first book of the series, Be: The Journey of Rol, the main character, Rol, is a fourteen-year-old boy who finds himself alone facing a life-determining decision to travel the easy path or the long, difficult route to return home and reunite with his family. Rol will have to read the book to find out.

Rol encounters, among other interesting characters and creatures, traveling companions Kearth and Fhfyrd, whose relentless banter both entertains and antagonizes Rol throughout his journey. In his quest, Rol is forced to confront internal and external obstacles, learning to rely on his positive attitude, as well as hope, for a successful outcome. Inspiration, values, faith, and thanking God for His blessings are components of this story, as are adventure, humor, and unique characters and challenges. It is a fun tale, reinforcing good values and decision-making.

Those who read The Chronicles of Narnia series and The Phantom Tollbooth, or books by Rick Riordan and Eoin Colfer, will enjoy the tale of Be: The Journey of Rol. Look for other books in this exciting series coming soon!

Images from the Be: The Journey of Rol

Rol's map and illustrations from the story


The Reviews Are In

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“Spiritual and moral lessons feature prominently in Colegrove’s debut fantasy, a playful coming-of-age adventure.” — Kirkus Reviews


“The book is filled with humor, drama, and adventure. It will hold your interest from start to finish.” — Five-star review


“I am a middle school teacher and would love to see this on the library shelves and in the hands of every middle school student.”

— Five-star review

Characters in Be: The Journey of Rol

A few facts about our friends...


[Humble Journeyer]

  • Life Skills - Start of Journey 32%
  • Life Skills - Journey's End 88%
  • Making Friends 95%
  • Chasing Giants 55%


[Fellow Journeyer]

  • Grumbling 90%
  • Griping 92%
  • Complaining 94%
  • Causing Others to Snicker 82%
  • Volunteering 6%


[Tracker, Swordsman, Hero]

  • Being Suspicious 95%
  • Talking Tough 87%
  • Engaging in Witty Banter 85%
  • Missing Friend When Shooting Arrows 51%

A. Loysius DaTerrin

[Master, Uncle, Teacher]

  • Speaking Words of Wisdom 97%
  • Teaching Valuable Life Skills 97%
  • Escaping Grumblegoblins Quickly 42%

Skinny, the Ruins Hermit

[Ruins Hermit]

  • Hearing Voices 95%
  • Hearing Real Voices 15%
  • Misinterpreting Voices Heard 99%
  • Creaking Bones 77%

(Old) Mrs. Crumblepockets


  • Being Nice 100%
  • Decorating 3%
  • Pokin' 72%
  • Making Worm Pudding 94%