Fun Zone

This is a fun zone for youngers (of all ages). Check back often to see what has changed. You’ll be entertained, possibly delighted, and even amazed! (It can be a break from homework for a while, or if you discuss it with your teacher ahead of time, maybe it can be your homework.)


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Be: The Journey of Rol Word Search
If you have a few moments, print out and try this fun Word Search (recommended by DaTerrin):

BeTJOR Word Search

Below are the answers to the Word Search—but only if you absolutely, positively need them. Otherwise, keep working on the puzzle and you’ll be proud of your ability to finish it. Don’t give up…you can do it!

BeTJOR Word Search Answers


Be: The Journey of Rol Crossword Puzzle
Try this fun Crossword Puzzle. DaTerrin was able to finish it—can you?:

BeTJOR Crossword Puzzle

Below are the answers to the Crossword Puzzle—but only if you really, really think you need them. If you are stuck on a couple of clues, fill out the answers around them and maybe those letters will help you determine the answers to the ones you are struggling with. Keep working on the puzzle—You can do it…you know you can!

BeTJOR Crossword Puzzle Answers