• Life Skills - Start of Journey 32%
  • Life Skills - Journey's End 88%
  • Making Friends 95%
  • Chasing Giants 55%


[Humble Journeyer]

Nickname – Young One, Young Jester, Mr. Smarty-Tunic, The Just-Now-Adventure-Seeker, Ro, Rol The Returned

Quotes of yours that fans ask you to repeat most often –

“Do you want the good news or the bad news first?”

“There you go, boy, a nice bowl of curds for you. That’s a good murphhht. Good boy.”

“Would you two knock it off?”

Favorite colors – Sky Blue, Forest Green, Sunset Orange

Favorite food – Crackly spindle-crackers, rainfruit

Favorite adventure – It’s all an adventure, and I wouldn’t change a bit of it.

  • Grumbling 90%
  • Griping 92%
  • Complaining 94%
  • Causing Others to Snicker 82%
  • Volunteering 6%


[Fellow Journeyer]

Nickname – Kearth, just Kearth

The quote of yours that fans ask you to repeat most often –

“…my mother always said to stay away from no good thieves and lyres.”

“Are you quite finished? My yawn is stuck open.”

“I had a rabbit once.”

Favorite color – Blue, if it’s racing stripes on a wagon. I miss my wagon.

Favorite food – Berrysmash, or really anything edible

Favorite adventure – I don’t know if I should say anything, but in the next book, I’m a true hero. So, that’s my favorite.


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  • Being Suspicious 95%
  • Talking Tough 87%
  • Engaging in Witty Banter 85%
  • Missing Friend When Shooting Arrows 51%


[Tracker, Swordsman, Hero]

Nickname – Fhfyrd of the Black Mountains, Tag-along, Mr. Sky Guy, Sir

The quote of yours that fans ask you to repeat most often –

“I will talk. You will listen.”

“I’m Fhfyrd. Feared. Fhfyrd wherever I go. Do I make myself clear? And the Fh is silent. Got a problem with that?”

“…if you’re anything like me, and I know I am…”

Favorite color – Do you have to ask? It’s black. Just black. It helps me, uh, blend in with my environment.

Favorite food – Lightly toasted mutton chunks, a large bowl of steamingly warm apple mush, and a heaping helping of potatoberry bits soaked in gravy from the aforementioned mutton

Favorite adventure – It hasn’t happened yet, but traveling with Kearth is an adventure every day. I also enjoyed meeting Skinny, the ruins hermit—great guy, although a little off.

  • Speaking Words of Wisdom 97%
  • Teaching Valuable Life Skills 97%
  • Escaping Grumblegoblins Quickly 42%

A. Loysius DaTerrin

[Master, Uncle, Teacher]

Nickname – Master, Uncle, Little Master

The quote of yours that fans ask you to repeat most often –

“…I’ve always wanted to know what it would be like to suddenly disappear.”

“’Tis but a flesh wound.”

Favorite color – How can one choose?

Favorite food – Rainfruit

Favorite adventure – The grumblegoblins episode was definitely NOT a favorite.

  • Hearing Voices 95%
  • Hearing Real Voices 15%
  • Misinterpreting Voices Heard 99%
  • Creaking Bones 77%

Skinny, the Ruins Hermit

[Ruins Hermit]

Nickname – That Hermit Guy

The quote of yours that fans ask you to repeat most often –

“Did you hear that?”

“That’s where I hear the voices. Although I don’t hear them at the moment.”

“They sound exactly like voices.”

Favorite color – Not mentioned in the story, so I guess I don’t have one

Favorite food – Same situation, although apparently I don’t eat much. I’m skinny. Get it?

Favorite adventure – Well, there was one time when … wait … did you hear that?

  • Being Nice 100%
  • Decorating 3%
  • Pokin' 72%
  • Making Worm Pudding 94%

(Old) Mrs. Crumblepockets


Nickname – The Old Mrs. Crumblepockets

The quote of yours that fans ask you to repeat most often –

“Jes’ look at you.”

“Did not think you would be wakin’ up… And the pokin’ didn’t help none.”

Favorite color – Eel innards black

Favorite food – Peanuts, making—but not necessarily eating—worm pudding

Favorite adventure – Nursing that nice young man, Rol, back to health