For Elders

If you have not read the book Be: The Journey of Rol, now is a great time to do so. It will be an opportunity to find out what the child (or children) in your life is reading, and will provide valuable bonding and connection time when you have discussions or share a laugh. Many parents read the book to their family members and enjoy the experience together. The book is meant to be shared!


Reviews of Be: The Journey of Rol :

“Spiritual and moral lessons feature prominently in Colegrove’s debut fantasy, a playful coming-of-age adventure.” —Kirkus Reviews


Read a recent book review / article in the Arlington Herald from March 3, 2015:
‘Journey’ to adulthood


A few helpful personal reviews:

Diane, an assistant principal and advanced English teacher for grades 4-6, notes – “…sure to be a favorite of boys and girls.”

” Be: The Journey of Rol is a terrific tale of friendship, survival, and discovery that is sure to be a favorite of boys and girls. As a teacher of grades 4 through 6, I very much appreciate a story that promotes values such as perseverance and courage. Children will relate to the main character of Rol who shows us curiosity, passion, and ingenuity throughout the story. A wonderful surprise for the reader is the author’s use of clever word play and humor throughout the story. This aspect of the novel raises it to a level which can be enjoyed by both children and adults. I look forward to future episodes of this series!”

From Marybeth, a home school parent – “…honesty, responsibility, humility, prayer, humor, leadership…”

“This book is for the adventurer in us all – young and old, voracious readers and the not-so-willing! It is a well-written and well crafted coming of age story about a 14 year old who embarks on a journey and discovers what it means to Be along the way. Young and old alike will enjoy reading this book. My 14 year old daughter and I both read it. The book provides a wonderful springboard for discussions on honesty, responsibility, humility, prayer, humor, leadership, and so many other great topics kids can get into…. Plus, there are giants and goblins and bears!

The adventures and events in the book bring to my mind the old Bugs Bunny cartoons – great for the kids while also being interesting and fun to follow along as an adult. I highly recommend getting a copy for yourself and reading it alongside your child. It is THAT fun, and you can have some great conversations with your child that will let you know what they’re “really” thinking!

Lori, a middle school teacher, says – “…infused with wit and excitement.”

“What a journey! Young readers are treated to an extraordinarily well-written, wholesome and captivating story. Finally, a book with good moral characters and uplifting messages! Ric Colegrove has a wonderful style – infused with wit and excitement. It’s a fabulous adventure! I can’t wait for the next book in the series! I am a middle school teacher and would love to see this on the library shelves and in the hands of every middle school student.

Phillipe, a 14-year-old boy, mentions – “It shows what true friendship means.”

” Be: The Journey of Rol is an amazing book that shows the trials and tribulations that a young boy has to go through to find his parents. It shows what true friendship means and how it will help boys along the way. I believe that every young boy should read this book to see and imagine these events.”

Leah, a 10-year-old girl, says – “It was quite a surprise. Don’t worry I won’t spoil the book for you.”

“The book is about a boy who loses his [uncle], whom he was living with, and he leaves the village to find him. On the adventure he meets others, that join him to find his [uncle]. In the middle of the book Rol is attacked by a Bear and loses consciousness for a few pages. It was quite a surprise. Don’t worry I won’t spoil the book for you. My favorite part was the ending, and I hope that this is just the beginning of a new series!”



A thought about the book from the author, Ric Colegrove – “I truly believe that someone, somewhere is praying for good books for their child: books that are engaging and appropriate for their child’s age level, without being edgy or trendy; books that provide a positive message and a reason to hope; and books that demonstrate good values and life lessons in a way that their child can relate to and appreciate. I believe that Be: The Journey of Rol is one of those books.”