Why Don’t You?

Posted By Kearth on Mar 11, 2022

Isn’t it interesting how things are?

I mean really interesting. For example, words and phrases. And questions. Don’t forget about questions. In fact, questions may be the most interesting of all.

For example, I was frustrating someone yesterday. Really, really frustrating them. I mean, a good, old-fashioned, I-want-to-snap-a-large-shade-tree-in-half-with-my-bare-hands, sincere frustration. And it wasn’t my fault at all. And I kept telling the frustrated one that, but it just frustrated that person all the more. And no words were coming out. That is, until the person said with a very, very red face, “Why don’t you…?!”

And the words hung there in the air. I could almost see them. Almost touch them. Almost.

That person walked away and I was left there. Just me and the question. The interesting question. 

Two days before that, something similar happened, and in that case, it also involved something that wasn’t my fault. No, not at all. But, that person didn’t believe me for some reason, and just before I was left alone except for a dirt-pile-previously-on-the-ground-frustratingly-stomped-into-a-rather-voluminous-dust-cloud, I heard “Why don’t you…?!”

Same situation a week ago, but that time involving egg throwing. I’m glad I’ve been blessed with the ability to duck.

Duck…eggs…that’s funny.

Last week and then twice this week. This morning, it happened again, and after an almost-incident involving a left shoe finding it’s way through the air, headed in my direction, it made me wonder. I wondered and wondered. I wondered some more and then I pondered.

I’m interested to know: Why is everyone so frustrated these days?

I know it must be them, not me. I just know it.

Why don’t you?

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