Who is The Fool?

Posted By Kearth on Apr 1, 2021

As I reflect on the celebration of today, and society’s long-standing, storied history of playing tricks on The Fool—whoever that may be in any particular case, or even anyone and everyone that one may meet, all day long—I greet this day with all of the seriousness and respect due to a one-day period of time in which subterfuge and chicanery of the highest sort are accepted and even applauded.

Practical jokes have been played throughout the ages—from kings and queens to knights and rooks and pawns (I just made that up…I really don’t know if that’s true)—and while we all may at times be in the position of the joker, perpetrating the shenanigans, we all also play the role of The Fool at one time or another. The shoe (or boot or sock or fuzzy slipper) is on the other foot, as it were, whatever that means, and we are the jokee, meaning that the trick has been played on us, which can at times be uncomfortable, and at other times, even more uncomfortable. 

It is important to take time to contemplate the possible effect of our bamboozlery, befuddlenousnessnous, and hornswogglements on others, and determine if our trickster undertakings are appropriate or not before we actually engage in the act of perpetrating the rascality.


Did you think I was really serious with all of those fancy words and stuff? I’m just joking. Ha Ha—got you!

Enjoy the day of The Fool and go trick someone! It’s your duty.

But be nice. (I’m not kidding.)

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