What I Saw

Posted By Kearth on Feb 16, 2018

I saw something quite nice the other day. Something that made me stop and smile.

What I saw was not a treasure, although it was probably treasured by at least one of the people involved, if not both.

What I saw was not something you could hold in your hands, although it involved holding hands.

What I saw was not even an object, although it had an objective.

What I saw was someone going out of their way to help someone else. A small younger that I know in the village was walking with his grandmother, hand-in-hand, enjoying their moment in that place and time. He thought he was helping her by holding her hand so she would be able to walk to the market without stumbling. She thought she was helping him by taking him to the market to get some of his favorite foods.

What I saw was that they were both right.


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