What Do You Know?

Posted By Kearth on Sep 26, 2022

Really. Tell me. I’m curious.

It’s not a joke. I’m wondering what you know. Actually, I’m wondering what you know that I don’t. 

Here’s why: I don’t know why.

If I did then I would know what I don’t know and that is at least partially impossible, if not completely, and I know why.

I couldn’t possibly know what you know if what you know is something I don’t know because by you knowing what I don’t it is unknown to me and possibly even unknowable by me which means that what you know and I don’t is more than just what I don’t know, it is something that you know much more than I know what I know and therefore beyond my knowing even though I know more than even I can possibly know that I know which is something I know I’ve known all along before I even knew that you may know something that I don’t know which is unknowingly unknowable as far as I know.

You know?

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