The End of a Year

Posted By Kearth on Dec 30, 2017

Most of the time, I don’t like when something comes to an end—an adventure, a good meal, a day celebrating turning another season older with presents and cake and celebration and friends and cake and presents and cake.

But when it comes time for the year to end, I always say, “Good riddance, old year.” Well…starting now.

It can be good for a year to come to an end. That means it is time for a new year to start. That can mean new adventures, more good meals, more presents and friends and cake. And cake.

I like new years because they make me think of cake, but also about other things, such as:

    – How am I going to get more cake this year?

    – I wonder what kind of cake I’ll have next.

    – If I could make a hat out of cake, I wonder how long it would actually last until it is time to make another hat o’ cake—either because it has been eaten, or is no longer edible (blechh)?

The end of a year is not so bad when you think about it that way, and are hopeful for the future, like I am. I’d write more, but I’m hungry now. Of course, I’ll start with vegetables. Of course.


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