Posted By rc on Oct 25, 2014

Nickname – Fhfyrd of the Black Mountains, Tag-along, Mr. Sky Guy, Sir

The quote of yours that fans ask you to repeat most often –

“I will talk. You will listen.”

“I’m Fhfyrd. Feared. Fhfyrd wherever I go. Do I make myself clear? And the Fh is silent. Got a problem with that?”

“…if you’re anything like me, and I know I am…”

Favorite color – Do you have to ask? It’s black. Just black. It helps me, uh, blend in with my environment.

Favorite food – Lightly toasted mutton chunks, a large bowl of steamingly warm apple mush, and a heaping helping of potatoberry bits soaked in gravy from the aforementioned mutton

Favorite adventure – It hasn’t happened yet, but traveling with Kearth is an adventure every day. I also enjoyed meeting Skinny, the ruins hermit—great guy, although a little off.

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