Starlight, Star Bright, Starry Night, Bigfoot

Posted By Kearth on Jan 7, 2020

I looked up at the sky last night.

Wow. I couldn’t believe it. It was so clear, yet so dark, yet so bright with stars. I couldn’t believe it was all of those things at once, but it was. I was there. I can prove it.

Well, I can’t actually prove it. How could I? I was just me and the stars, and the stars don’t usually talk…much. But I was there. And I saw the stars. I saw them like I was seeing them for the first time. Except that I wasn’t, because I remember having conversations with some of them last week.

And then I saw a strange creature running past me that was half-man, half-animal, and maybe even half-fish, although I’m not sure about the last part because it was furry and the scales may have been underneath, unbeknownst (don’t you just love that word?) to me. The creature left big footprints in the dirt that I could see by the bright starlight, and…

Did I mention how bright the stars were last night?


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