Sense, Scents, Cents

Posted By Kearth on Dec 2, 2020

Did you ever realize how some words are so similar in so many mysterious and wonderful ways?

I came up with a joke the other day and sometimes I crack myself up, and sometimes I don’t, but in this case I did, and here’s how it went…

I was talking with someone in the village square in front of some stores and for some odd reason, which happens fairly frequently actually, they said, “You don’t make any sense.”

I thought for a moment and looked around and—here’s the funny part in case you aren’t paying attention—I said, “You’re right…the odor shop is 2 doors down.”

It was perfect. Absolutely perfect. I took the word “sense” that they said and pretty cleverly, I might say, and just did, pretended it was the word “scents” and that was the joke and I can’t stop laughing.

Did you see what happened? There was “sense” and “scents” and they sound the same but they aren’t. Do you get it now? I really can’t stop laughing about it. And, for a special limited time only, I’ll let you borrow that joke from me so you can tell it to your friends, and if you act now, it will only cost a few cents.

Did you see what I just did again? I just crack myself up.

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