Money, Money, Money

Posted By Kearth on Oct 20, 2019

Don’t you like the way that sounds? “Money, Money, Money”

And you have to capitalize the words because it makes them sound more important. “Money, Money, Money” is way better than “money, money, money”—am I right?

Why is it so important that the words sound so important?

Well, it isn’t. Important, I mean. I just wanted to get your reaction. And you reacted just the way I thought you would although I couldn’t see you and can’t see you because you are there and I am here and it just doesn’t work out for me to see you the way I would like in order to get your reaction so I’ll just leave it at that except to say that I wish I could see your reaction because you are probably a really nice person and have lots of friends and have excellent ideas and like to be helpful and brush your teeth and don’t push people in mud more than they deserve and you quite possibly smile even when those rainy Nimbostratus clouds (at least, that’s what I named them) are overhead and I can imagine that your reactions are just about right for each and every occasion.

So your reaction is that “Money, Money, Money” is really not that important, right? Good. 

Of course, money is good for something. I say that not having any, but knowing that if I did I could buy things that I need. At the same time, I also realize that I need to treat money properly and not let it take over my life just because I want more, more, more. 

It’s good to see things from the right perspective, isn’t it? You definitely are a really nice person.

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