Looking People in the Eyes

Posted By Kearth on May 14, 2016

I realized something the other day. I actually realized it when a couple of my friends told me about it, but it still counts.

Here’s it is—I have my head down a lot and don’t look people in the eyes much when I talk to them.

This probably sounds like it is all about me, me, me. But it could also be about you, you, you. Let me explain…

Do you have your head down a lot when you walk around? Is it really because you find things on the ground, or is that just an excuse? I’ve found coins on the ground in the past because I happened to be looking down, but that’s not really a good reason, because coins aren’t on the ground that often. Sometimes they are, but sometimes they aren’t. But sometimes they are. Mostly they aren’t.

Do you walk around with a book, or a map, or some other something in your hands all the time? All the time? Those things are not bad, but too much of anything is…well…too much of something.

I think for me (and this is just me I’m talking about, not necessarily you, unless this describes you also, in which case I’m talking about us, so you are welcome for me pointing this out and helping you) this is sometimes about not feeling worthy to look people in the eyes. Sometimes. I may be mad at someone, too, and I don’t want to acknowledge them. Or I may not want to talk for some reason, and that means I don’t want them to acknowledge me. So, sometimes not feeling worthy, being mad, or wanting to be left alone are some reasons. Thinking about it now, after Rol and Fhfyrd brought it up, those are not good reasons. I mean, I’m pretty worthy, actually, if I do say so myself. At least not unworthy most of the time. And I shouldn’t be mad. At least not very often. And wanting to be left alone is kind of sad. But, that’s not really what I want, anyway. I think in that case, what I really want is someone to talk to me about what I want to talk about. Not all the time, but at least some of the time.

My friends helped me realize those things and that it is mostly up to me to change them. I can at least try to do some things better, and if people feel that I am interested in them, and a little more friendly toward them, then maybe they would be more interested in me, and ask me what I think, or talk about things I like to talk about, too, like…I don’t know…skrat eyebrows. My friends also helped me see that it is friendly and can be a sign of respect to look at someone in the eyes. (Did you notice that I worked “see,” “look,” and “to” and “eyes” in the same sentence? I know “to” is spelled wrong to be like “two eyes,” but I get points for trying, right?)

I also realized—this time on my own—that by looking up, you don’t miss as much. You see what’s around you, and there are some pretty interesting things going on around you, I’m sure. Interesting things. Interesting people. Some really crazy-looking hats, too.

You should try it more often.

I’m going to.


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