Posted By Kearth on Aug 16, 2017

I learn something new every day.

I take that back. I’m not sure I learned anything at all last week. I sleep a lot, and that may explain it—oh, and I had a bad sneezing and itching attack for a couple of days last week—but otherwise, I actually do learn something new every day. Mostly.

Today I learned that what I thought was a quite-commonly-used-word-or-actually-a-word-with-a-dash-in-it is different to some people than to others. And I was quite surprised. Flummoxed, even. The word is “kitty-corner” and I’m genuinely more than frustrated by the news. Some people—and you know who you are—actually believe it is “catercorner” and are not even ashamed of that fact.




That doesn’t even make sense. It’s obviously kitty-corner. You know, the word that refers to something diagonal or diagonally placed. For example, if I put 4 cats on a table and one of them is diagonal from…


Did I just say, “cats?”


My head is spinning. I better sit down.

I’m sitting now. Spinning is stopping. I must have just learned something. Yes, I did just learn something. I learned that it actually may be fine for different people to have different ways to say things, or even spell them. Sometimes. Mostly I like it when people agree with me, and often expect it, but in the case of kitty-corner vs. catercorner, I obviously don’t even agree with myself.

My head is starting to spin again. Now I’m thinking about cattywampus vs. catawampus.

I better lie down.


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