Immediate Patience

Posted By Kearth on Oct 8, 2023

“I’m really not a very patient person.”—When I have to admit something, that is what I might admit.

I like things right away, when I want them. When I’m hungry, I want to eat right then. If I’m in line for something, I get antsy waiting. Sometimes extra-extra antsy. I might actually be getting more impatient, day by day.

A while ago, Rol said that he noticed I was getting more impatient, day by day. (I knew I got that idea from someone.) He started talking about patience and had wistful words of wisdom, but I wanted him to quickly get to the end of the story-lesson, so I had a hard time paying attention to everything he said although I got the general idea that I should pray for patience.

The next time I was in a challenging situation—that afternoon I was hungry and food wasn’t ready yet—I stopped my inner whining for a moment (which is not easy, by the way) and prayed to God, “Please give me patience…right now! Please.”

I told Rol about it and he said that’s not exactly what he meant. We shouldn’t make demands of God like that—even if we say “Please” (twice). He said it would be good for me to notice the times I actually am patient and be thankful for them. And it would be helpful if I asked God nicely to give me opportunities to grow in patience.

Ooooh…that’s a hard one. 

But I did it. And opportunities came. Situations came up that required me to be patient, such as waiting for breakfast, waiting for lunch, waiting for a mid-day snack, waiting for dinner, waiting for an after-dinner snack, and throughout the day waiting for people to stop talking about their nonsense so I could talk about important things I had to say. It was hard at first, and I can’t say that I have perfect patience, but I’m getting better. I don’t complain as much. Well, at least not about waiting. As much.

I have welcome opportunities in front of me to allow me to practice my patience, which is very good for me. And right now is one of them. Are you finished reading this yet?

I’m kidding…take your time. I’m really a very patient person.

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