I’m Here. You’re There.

Posted By Kearth on Jul 8, 2022

I think that’s right. Isn’t it? 

Now, you may disagree and think that from your perspective you’re “here” and I’m “there” although that doesn’t sound right. No, it doesn’t. Not at all. How can I possibly be there and not here? I’m always here. Aren’t I? I think so. I know so. I mean, I think so.

It reminds me of a story. 

Once upon a time… 

Well…actually…I forget the rest, but it was a good story. It’s about something that made it clear that I was right in my earlier statement which was something about something, and I’m sure I was right not only because of the story but because when it comes to being right, that’s me.

Anyway, it was a good story. And the moral is: I’m still here, right where I am.

I think.

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