I Have Something to Say

Posted By Kearth on Jan 8, 2023

“Something.” Ha! 

Actually, what I actually meant to say was that I’ve been thinking lately about a time many summers ago when I was a much younger younger than I am now. I remember it was an uncomfortably hot summer and I spent much of my time walking in streams and creeks and even gullies, trying to stay cool. In the water I looked under rocks for creek creatures (I called them “creektures”) and found quite a few interesting ones—and, of course, I put the rocks gently back so as not to disturb them. Some disturbed me slightly by showing their sharp claws or spiked tails or voicing their tiny-but-surprisingly-scary underwater growls, but I let them be, as any true explorer would do.

Even though I was a little one, I remember the incredible feeling of discovering new things. 

These days, the discovering is different because I have already experienced so much, but the excitement is still there when I find a cave I’ve never explored before, or climb a tree I previously thought was too big for me, or hear (or even invent) a new word or phrase, such as this one:

What a life I have! 

Now that’s something to say.

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