Hilarious Water

Posted By Kearth on May 18, 2017

I had a hilarious thought the other day. Really hilarious.

It was about water.

I know…you must be thinking that who cares about water and water you doing thinking about water anyway.

Wait. I gave away the punchline.

See, it was set up as a good joke where I say that I’m thinking, and someone says…

Wait. No. I mention the word “water” and someone says, “oh” and then I say…

No, that’s not it. I see someone and I ask how they are doing and they say…

Still not right.

OK, I think I have it now.

I see someone in the village and they are carrying a bucket of water and I ask, “What’s in the bucket?”

No. I say, “What do you have there?”

No. I say, “What are you carrying?”

That’s it. I say, “Water you carrying there, friend?”

And they laugh. Hilariously.

I just made it up, just now the other day. Wait ’til I try it. It will be hilarious.

Water hilarious? Who would’ve known?


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