Being a Hero

Posted By Kearth on Apr 20, 2015

People often ask me (well…there was that one time I was asked) what it is like to be a hero. They were (that person was) referring to the time I heroically pulled Rol from the ol’ pit of despair, when we first met. It’s funny how sometimes you move on from things and they almost fade from memory. But, in other cases, that doesn’t happen. This is one of those “that doesn’t happen” occasions.

I think about it all the time. The truth is…I am a hero.

I saved Rol. He was stuck in a pit. I saved him. I used his fifty feet of rope that he left lying around when he fell, and saved him. He wasn’t going to get out on his own. He needed a hero. He needed me. So, I saved him. No big deal.

I’m kidding, obviously. It was a HUGE deal.

He paid me back, of course, by…well, doing everything that he’s ever done for me. He taught me to have confidence. He taught me to pray—and not just for things for me. He taught me new words, how to find interesting creatures under rocks in streams, how to escape from bears…

Side note: If you are ever trying to escape from bears, and the only way to get away is by climbing a cliff, and the only way to climb the cliff is by using a rope, and there are three of you and only two ropes dangling down from the top of the cliff, don’t spend time arguing over who is going to climb the rope first. Trust me. Not that I was arguing much, but in that case, even a couple of extra moments count. It would be nice to offer to stay behind while the others climbed to safety, but that isn’t easy, even though it is nice, and heroic…but not easy. Whatever you decide to do, do it quickly!

…how to trust people, how to look at the world around me, how to enjoy family, how to follow a map and not try to take a short cut all the time, how to be happy more often, how to name a horse properly, what to do when confronted by…oh, wait…that’s a different adventure. I can’t mention that yet. You’ll have to wait and see.

Anyway, being a hero is a good thing. Just don’t let it go to your head…or elbow.


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