Drying On

Posted By Kearth on Feb 10, 2019

I remember that one time last year I took a bath and how clean I got. I remember thinking that I wouldn’t need another bath for a long time. I remember townsfolk chasing me around a month later with buckets of water and brushes because they said I was causing their flowers to wilt. They couldn’t prove it, but that’s what they said. All of them. They must have something against me.

The thing about baths is that they take up so much time. I mean, think about how wet you get and then you have to dry off. Really? In the time it takes to dry off with a towel I could be doing something else. Like, I don’t know, maybe resting.

But my point is, why is it called “drying off” instead of something else? Aren’t you actually “wetting off” or maybe “drying on”?

Think about it.

I have, and that’s about all I have to say. Except for…Dry on!

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