Clouds and Other Nonsense

Posted By Kearth on Jun 17, 2019

Weather or not you know it…

Let me just stop right there. You did realize that I spelled it “weather” and not “whether” right? Just checking.

Where was I?

Oh, okay, now I remember. I was talking about the weather because the other day I was looking at clouds and I realized that they should have names. Now you might be thinking that clouds don’t deserve names because they don’t do anything, really, and about the time you pick out a nice, fitting name for one it radically changes shape—maybe from a bunny to a featherwingle—and then may disappear completely.

So what’s the use?

The use is that you don’t name each cloud, silly, you name the type of cloud, silly. How silly can you get? Or how repetitive? Anyway, I came up with some names and I want you to try them on for size.

Let me just stop right there. When I say, “try them on for size” I don’t really mean to try them on. Get it? I hope so.

So, here’s what I’m thinking:

– The ones that are puffy you could call “Puffbinkers” because they are puffy

– The ones that are wispy you could call “Wispyispys” because they are wispy, and sometimes really wispy

– The ones that are low and may cause rain you could call “Nimbostratus” because it sounds nice

And the rest don’t matter because I can’t think of everything, can I? Just remember that clouds are more than big things in the sky, and they might have feelings, too, so there you go, and good luck.

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