Candy, a Poem

Posted By Kearth on Oct 1, 2016

I like candy. Oh yes, I like candy.

I don’t at all like toothaches, so my candy intake is almost always quite reasonable for someone of my age and general weight, measured by a weighing device that I keep handy.

Indeed, I like candy.

My favorite type of candy is any type of candy. I like it all, from sweetness amounts low to high.

Candy. Sigh.

But, here’s the thing…I want to keep most of my teeth.

So, I brush them when I have a brush, or maybe even a leaf.

That describes me and maybe you, too.

I like candy. Oh yes, I like candy. I certainly do. I do. I do.


The end. Thank you.



(Not “Thank you” because it is the end but because I’m thanking you in advance for liking my poem and the rhyming which I worked so tirelessly to make rhyme. Please note that it also rhymes with the last two lines of the poem. You probably already noted that, didn’t you?)


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