Ant and Giant

Posted By Kearth on Feb 10, 2021

I was thinking the other day about a couple of words that confuse me—ant and giant.

See? They just confused you, too, didn’t they? How can they be so different and yet so similar? 

And which came first? Did someone name an ant “ant,” and then see something much bigger and since they were on a roll with naming they called the bigger thing a “giant”?

Do you know what I mean? Does it make any sense to you? Do you wonder why I ask so many questions?

I mean, can you just take the two letters “g” and “i” and put them together in front of a word to make it go from tiny to huge? Using that as an example, is gitiny a real word? Maybe it should be.

What about gismall? Or gilittle? Or giminiscule? Maybe gi-itty-bitty? Or gi-itsy-bitsy? Or gi-teensy-weensy?

Watch out everyone! A gi-teensy-weensy is headed our way and he looks angry…or maybe giangry?

I think people ought to be careful how they name things.

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