A Good Idea…Really

Posted By Kearth on Dec 14, 2016

I’m back! Ha ha!

Here I am again, and this time I remember my good—no, fantastic—idea.

Here it is…Are you ready? OK, here it is…

You’re not ready.

No, you’re not. I can tell.

You’re not ready to receive my amazingly fantastic idea in the way that you should—good and proper-like.

You’re not.

I can wait.

. . .

No, I can’t. Here it is, my good idea…

I call it Baby-Sitting. (I hate to give away the ending so soon but I already built up enough suspenders and I figured that you’ve waited long enough already.)

Here’s how it works: A nice person in the village wants to go to the market, but they have a whiny, crying baby that embarrasses them every time they go out in public. Shame, shame, on that baby, but little whiny cry-facer doesn’t know any better, right? What’s a mother and/or father to do?

Hire me, a Baby-Sitter, that’s what.

Here’s how it works: For a small fee—or large, depending on the size of the baby—I say that I’ll sit on the precious little creature until the parent gets back. Problem solved, I save the day, I make some money, mother and/or father brings home some food from the market which they offer to me because I’m there with my hand out and a pouty-lip thing going on, they also pay me my previously-mentioned small fee in addition, baby wasn’t embarrassing in public AT ALL, it’s all good, and I make some money. But wait…there’s more. Of course you can’t actually sit on a baby, and everyone knows that, right? Right?

So here’s how it works: I don’t actually sit ON the baby. I sit next to it. My secret. Babies just need someone to play with, and keep them from chewing on the furniture, and other stuff like pets, so that’s what I do. I’ve been told that I make some pretty funny faces at times, when I don’t even know it, so imagine what I can do when I try. I make a funny face, whiny baby stops crying, baby starts laughing, no furniture or pet chewing, we all win. I don’t know why nobody ever thought of that before. Baby-Sitting. I know I’m practically a genius, but now I’m a baby genius. It’s a gift.

I’m glad I remembered. Valuable stuff, for sure. I’ll let you know how it goes after I try it.


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