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A Good Idea…Really

Posted By on Dec 14, 2016

I’m back! Ha ha! Here I am again, and this time I remember my good—no, fantastic—idea. Here it is…Are you ready? OK, here it is… You’re not ready. No, you’re not. I can tell. You’re not ready to receive my amazingly fantastic idea in the way that you should—good and proper-like. You’re not. I can wait. . . . No, I can’t. Here it is, my good idea… I call it Baby-Sitting. (I hate to give away the ending so soon but I already built up...

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A Good Idea

Posted By on Nov 18, 2016

I had such a good idea the other day. In fact, it was more than a good idea. Much more. It was a fantastic idea. Now, though, I forget what it was. I remember wanting to write it on the back of my hand with a soft rock—you know, the crumbly kind that breaks apart but lasts long enough for you to write a note on your hand and possibly onto your arm, until about the elbow part, and the note stays until you wash it off, which for me...

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Candy, a Poem

Posted By on Oct 1, 2016

I like candy. Oh yes, I like candy. I don’t at all like toothaches, so my candy intake is almost always quite reasonable for someone of my age and general weight, measured by a weighing device that I keep handy. Indeed, I like candy. My favorite type of candy is any type of candy. I like it all, from sweetness amounts low to high. Candy. Sigh. But, here’s the thing…I want to keep most of my teeth. So, I brush them when I have a brush,...

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Looking People in the Eyes

Posted By on May 14, 2016

I realized something the other day. I actually realized it when a couple of my friends told me about it, but it still counts. Here’s it is—I have my head down a lot and don’t look people in the eyes much when I talk to them. This probably sounds like it is all about me, me, me. But it could also be about you, you, you. Let me explain… Do you have your head down a lot when you walk around? Is it really because you find things on the...

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Did You Ever Notice…?

Posted By on Dec 20, 2015

Did you ever notice that how you look at something depends on how you look at it? Think about it for a moment. OK, think about it for another moment, or a couple of moments—that was too quick. Really, go ahead. Think away. Done thinking? Well, I’m not. Because what I said may be easy to understand for some of you, but not for some of me, and I was the one who asked the question. I thought about it a lot the other day and I get it, but...

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